Seabean – Viva La Revolucion


  Viva la Revolocion

With Sangria in one hand and Spanish snacks in the other, life doesn’t get much better. Forget the 20-hour flight to Spain. Here in Port Douglas, we’re giving Barcelona a run for it’s small-snack-sized money.

Tapas is a funny thing. It’s a bastardised foodie term that seemingly covers everything from bowls of olives through to practically anything that can be shared (no Karen, just because you want to share a few dim sims and a Chiko roll, it doesn’t make it tapas). In fact, those feisty Spaniards even tried to protect the term ‘tapas’ not so long ago, claiming it to be the ‘prized culinary ritual of Spanish gastronomy’. True story.

However, cultural sensitivities (gently) aside, these bite-sized Spanish morsels are essentially a darn good way of eating, and a cure-all for many situations. The need for an afternoon snack and a glass of wine hit you? Tapas. Restaurant booking a little later than usual? Tapas. Avoiding a full-blown carb overload? Tapas. Hunger be gone with tapas. Match it with a carafe of sangria or a splash of manzanilla sherry, and baby you’re in for a long and languid eve. Praise be to all the Spanish gods, if you fancy a little something Español while in Port Douglas, there’s no need to make do with a medley of mixed nuts. Hola, Seabean.

Seabean offers a grazing delight in the most perfect open-air corner spot in Port Douglas. Catching the tropical afternoon vibe as the sun casts her final rays over the Coral Sea, Seabean is akin to what you’d actually get in downtown Barcelona. You’ll find a daily selection of pintxos (individual bites from Northern Spain), rolling specials and menu favourites of tapas dishes perfect for sharing (or not) and a selection of traditional paella. A good variety of sherries and Spanish and Australian wines expertly recommended by folk passionate about snacking round out the menu offerings. Tip: make sure you leave room for the coconut catalana. You’ll thank us later.

You’d best make a booking because the place packs out. And fast. If you’re anything like us though, you’ll be in super early and already perched at the bar by 4.30pm. And with the immense popularity of counter culture in modern dining, don’t be surprised to notice you’ve joined a significant number of others who have already set up shop. With a sensibility towards how the real Spaniards do it, Seabean’s got it down pat.

In the most perfect words of restaurant owner Henry (found treading the tiles most days), “Port Douglas is a resort town. And it’s damn hot. The Spanish style of dining really suits the way we live up here – rolling off the beach, light snacks in the afternoon that could lead into something a bit more substantial. Bit like a good date, I suppose.”

What’s not to love about that? De nada.