create a truly memorable girls getaway


Escape, indulge and relax with your girl gang by following a few pieces of trusty advice.

Your anticipation is slowly building, those calendar checks are bringing a smile to your dial and group chats are in overdrive. What’s just around the corner?


No matter how big or small your crew is, or how long you go for, a girls getaway is always special. It’s all about the moments you spend together, cutting loose or chilling by the pool, taking scenic hikes or indulging at a day spa...time with your girls is what it’s all about.

Here are a few ideas to help create that perfect girls holiday so you can escape, indulge and relax with your besties.

1. Managing the always late GF

Every girl gang always has one. She’s the life of the group and you love her to bits but she can’t tell the time to save herself. “I thought the reservation was for later”. Yeah, we’ve heard that one before sister! So, why not tell her you’ve organised the plane tickets and give her a flight time 30 minutes earlier than the real one. Sneaky? Yep. Necessary? Absolutely!

2. Choose an epic crash pad

Deciding where to stay is the hardest part for any group trip. Everyone has their personal needs...king sized beds with an en suite, ocean or mountain views, a giant pool (also with a view thanks), an open fire, and everything just a stone’s throw away.

You might be over hitting the town at night, so we recommend you spend a little more for an epic crash pad that you won’t want to leave.

3. Bring the restaurant to you

A night or two out is definitely fun, but we suggest organising a private chef to come and cook the girls lunch or dinner. Why not make it a banquet with some great wine and a killer dessert?

It’s becoming more and more popular at holiday destinations around Australia, with some incredibly talented chefs leaving the hectic restaurant world for homestyle catering. A good place to start is At Your Table, which provides private chefs for gourmet dining experiences.

4. Pampering because why the hell not?

Your senses always need some TLC, so what better opportunity to treat yourself and your girls then on holiday together? Most hotspots around Australia are very well catered for with day spas and health retreats.

Once you know where you’re headed, why not check Groupon or Red Balloon for any deals at a local spa. Plenty of places, even the super luxurious, offer group deals, especially during off-peak times.

5. Don’t kill the mood little Miss Organiser

Like the always late gal, every group has an organiser who is getting giddy just thinking about planning the holiday. You already know her “A few ideas for our trip” email will be read like a madman's manifesto.

If you’re away together for 5 to 7 days, we recommend leaving a few days completely empty. You won’t find everything you want to do online and there’s nothing more fun than spontaneous decisions, especially if the weather takes a turn for the worse.

6. Heads up, Tinder down

For the single ladies in your gang, why not go old school and see who you might bump into? We know, imagine meeting someone in the flesh and blood!

Or at least let your girlfriend do the  swiping for you while you’re chilling by the pool. Enjoy those matches once you get your phone back ;)

7. Split up and stay sane

The chances of everyone agreeing on everything for the entire trip is next to nothing. So it’s no biggie if you split up for a few hours and do something different. Sure, you all went away together, but it’s a holiday for a reason, not a bootcamp ladies.

During a girls getaway, you may find yourself taking a wrong turn or taking a chance on the unknown...just go with it. Often the best (and funniest) times are those we don’t plan. That random little coastal town or weird looking shop could be a story for years to come.

8. go tropical, go pd!

Of course, we’re a little biased here at Port Douglas Uncovered, so we think the perfect place to relax and get loose with your ladies is this tropical wonderland.

Why not start with our top selections for a Port Douglas Girls Trip or check out the Best Food & Drink in Port Douglas…sunset cocktails anyone? With so many things to see and do up here, you’ll be changing that return flight date before you know it!

By Annie Piper