Salsa Bar & Grill

A Port Douglas culinary icon



Think about the word ‘salsa’ for a moment – ‘a collection of musical sounds or ingredients coming together to create a livelier whole’. Such a perfect descriptor for this Port Douglas culinary icon which has over 20 years’ experience in simply making people happy through good food, good service and good times. 

It goes without saying that Salsa Bar & Grill is a dining mecca for anyone living in or visiting the tropical north, not least for the view (not too shabby at all, overlooking Port Douglas’ Anzac Park and the Coral Sea) or of course the food (you haven’t lived until you’ve eaten their Linguini Pepperoncino).

Quite a few Salsa visitors have recognisable names, their celebrity signatures on dining plates framed on the ceiling, fighting for space with numerous restaurant industry awards. However, most of all, it’s the Salsa Bar & Grill team that is the true driving force behind the success of this sassy, stylish, dining den in tropical Port Douglas.

Owned and operated by Rhys Bawden and Bill Conway with a cracking floor team lead by Renae Reddrop, Salsa Bar & Grill Salsa’s strength is its lack of pretention and its excess of professionalism. The staff here are family, as is every guest at every table, warmly greeted with familiarity, even the first-timers. Salsa’s sexy air of confidence radiates the #lifeinthetropics energy Port Douglas is renowned for.

Casual glam, tropical chic, local hang – however you want to describe it, Salsa is more aptly a North Queensland home disguised as a restaurant. Its whitewashed, Hampton-esque décor is starkly contrasted by the bold tropical colours of giant cocktails garnished with tropical fruit, swiftly delivered by passionate staff whose local knowledge far extends beyond the specials board.

Local produce is not only a focus but a mantra.

Honed and perfected over two decades, the menu reads like the who’s who of tropical north producers, farmers, suppliers and distillers: Atherton Tableland red claw yabbies, line caught wild barramundi, Mt Uncle Botanic Australis gin, Daintree chocolate utilised in more ways than should be legal or moral.

This casually confident approach to serving quick, tasty food and vibrant cocktails with a side order of witty repertoire from the service team has led Salsa Bar & Grill to become synonymous with Port Douglas style.

Consistently booked out well in advance, especially in the winter tourist season, Salsa Bar & Grill is a testament to the adage of lettin’ the good times roll. And as owner Bill Conway said at the Salsa 20th birthday bash a couple of years back, “Salsa Bar wouldn’t be here without all of you”.

Here’s to another 20 years, team!

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Salsa Bar & Grill
26 Wharf Street,
Port Douglas

+61 7 4099 4922