The Fast & The Furious

Here at PDU HQ, when it comes to the end of a hard week of tropical living (haters gonna hate) we are totally all about Team Tracky Dacks. So despite looking like the kinda gals who like to slip on a pretty frock and some killer heels for a night on the town (which we do), sometime slothing on the couch with our latest Netflix binge (#blackmirror) is just what’s needed. And you know what else is needed? Some good, juicy, delicious take out. So we’ve listed the very best of the fast and furious take aways in Port Douglas, perfectly suited for a cosy night in.  




Simon is a chef. Simon loves football (or soccer to the antipodean heathens). So why not combine the two and open up a classy burger joint where the burgers really are better and name it after the post code of your favourite team? Simon did. Be like Simon. 

N17 is the newest little burger joint in town, but it’s certainly no flash in the pan. These burgers are serious. Using the best local meaty produce from Malone’s Butchery, deliciously soft, golden topped glazed milk and brioche burger buns and a rather outstanding selection of sides and ‘other stuff’ (loaded fries? Be still our beating hearts… literally), this burger bar knows how to make a gal happy. Or a boy. Or a kid. Hell, there’s something for everyone at N17 – the beats, the burgers, the beers are good for a night out, and the fancy boxes they come in are good for night in.

And they’re open ‘til late (3AM on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays), so when the late-night munchies getchya, you know who to call. 





On a corner of an unassuming road is an assuming building with a simple sandwich board out front advertising sushi. While this may look like a spot you may simply pass by, we say stop – this is no sushi train! Zipangu is one of the most-loved quick fix dining options in town, and for good reason.

The menu, authentic in its protective sheet covering, lists the best selection of locally sourced sashimi and sushi, traditional Japanese udon noodle bowls, curries and gyoza, as well as a not too shabby selection of sake Japanese whiskey for the izakaya lovers out there. Dine in or take away, definitely put this on your snack list.  


Dave’s Take Away 

There is little better than a shop that does what it says on the front. Dave’s Take Away is run by Dave (say hi!) and he does take away. And really good take away at that. Fish and chips? Yep. Roast chicken and hot rolls? Oh yes. Schnitzels and hot chips in the proper little red and white containers with obscenely good gravy? *Sigh*.

Is your name Dave? If so, make sure you get a happy snap and have it put up on The Wall of Daves for posterity (and they’ll give you a discount to boot). Did we mention Dave’s deliver? Who even need Uber Eats.. 


Siam By The Sea 

Nothing says ‘night in’ like a good Thai take out. Siam by the Sea and their sister restaurant Star of Siam are the places to hit up for a good authentic red duck & coconut curry, prawn spring rolls, chicken pad thai or beef and black bean stir fry.

Tropics not hot enough for you? Turn up the heat here – one chilli ranking through to five chillies means all bases are covered for the heat-seeking missiles amongst us! 


Beach Shack 

Just like they say, the ‘Shack’s got your back’. The Beach Shack, a local’s favourite for eons, has an excellent selection of small plates (including calamari, arancini, chicken wings and kranskies), but it’s their pizzas that are definitely worth the 30c local phone call fee to have delivered to your front door.

Woodfired, thin base, generous toppings and a great selection of classic standards and Shack specialties, make sure you’ve got the Shack on your speed dial for those nights of Netflix and chill.